Media man Patrick Gower was in Stratford last week to have lunch at the Fenton Street Art Collective with the winners of an auction.

The auction was held at a fundraiser for Gus Tihema Walsh (13), who was selected for the Basketball Pacific New Zealand Under16 Boys Koru Development Squad to play in an Australian tournament next year.

Winners Justin and Adrianna Schumacher say they were excited to have lunch with Patrick Gower.

Justin says he's happy to have won the auction and be supporting Gus at the same time.


"It's locals helping locals."

Patrick says the Art Collective is a nice venue to have lunch at.

"I'm totally blown away by how nice it is. It has a relaxing feel."

Patrick says he was happy to help Gus.

"Gus reminds me of his Dad, Dion. I met Dion at Francais Douglas Memorial College." He says he enjoys visiting Stratford.

"It's a lovely town."

Gus says he is overwhelmed by the support he has received.

"There has been so much support and I'm thankful to those who have helped me."