The Mangatoki Women's Institute held a meeting on October 2. The group was invited to the Carlisle Women's Institute fun meeting.

Eight pairs of donated prem booties were donated to Plunket from the institute via the South Taranaki Federation.

The group attended a field day at Marx's for a demonstration on making macarons.

For the November meeting, the group met at the Mangatoki Hall and drove to Hāwera's Black and White Cafe, then walking to the garden and craft shop.


The group visited Joy Linn who does chalk drawing and transfers on furniture, metals, card and paper.

Competition winners:
Shrub: 1st Lucy Moger, 2nd Sandra Scherrer, 3rd Cathy White.
Flower: 1st Sandra Scherrer, 2nd Cathy White, 3rd Lucy Moger.