The Labour Party has re-selected Steph Lewis to contest the Whanganui seat at next year's general election.

Steph, who first contested the seat in the 2017 general election, was the first candidate to be selected in a contested selection for Labour this year, something she says was an honour.

Lewis beat out Tim Easton when the Whanganui Labour electorate committee met on Saturday.

The Whanganui electorate, which includes much of the Stratford district, was last held by a Labour MP in 2005.


Steph stood for the first time as Labour's candidate in the Whanganui electorate in the 2017 election. Labour increased its party vote by nearly 5000 votes and reduced National's candidate vote majority by two thirds making this electorate the fourth most National-held marginal electorate in the country.

"We only need to swing 900 votes from National this election to win the seat. I will be campaigning hard to make Whanganui a Labour electorate again and to return the Labour-led Government for a second term."

Steph was born in Whanganui and grew up between Kaitoke Prison village, where her dad worked as a prison officer, and her family's farm in Waverley. She has been a lawyer, an advocate, an investigator, and currently works as a privacy advisor.

She says the Labour party is focused on regional communities like Whanganui and Taranaki.

"The Labour Party is also holding its Annual Conference in Whanganui for the first time in its history on the weekend of November 30. This will be a huge economic boost for our community."