"The four groups have made stuff happen in their own community without waiting for others to do it first."

When Jacinta and John Hurley handed out this year's cheques from the Stratford Z Station's Good in the Hood initiative, Jacinta had words of praise for all four groups being supported this year.

"Talking to the groups, listening to what you all do, it is inspiring and really encouraging, hearing how you all work to make your community such a great place to live."

The Z Good in the Hood initiative has run since 2012, with every Z station across the country involved in the project. Each year, community groups are invited to apply to receive part of the money Z is giving out, and then it is up the customers of each individual Z station to determine what percentage of the money each group will receive.


This year, there was $4000 to be given out at each Z station and in Stratford, the selected charities were Team HOPE, Central Blue Light, Rotokare Trust and St John Stratford.

Throughout the month of September, customers were given a bright orange token each time they used Z, and were invited to choose on of the four charities to give it to. The number of tokens each group received determined the final amounts they received.

In October, representatives from each of the four groups met for an afternoon tea at Z Stratford to receive their cheques and give a little insight into how they would use the money.

"It really is our favourite time each year, John and I really love being able to hear about the work being done, and of course, giving away Z's money is great!"

Each of the four groups are doing great things for the Stratford and wider community, says Jacinta, and she and John are pleased they are able to support them through the Good in the Hood initiative.

This year, the community voted for St John Stratford to receive a total of $1500, Blue Light to receive $742, Team HOPE to receive $823 and Rotokare Trust to receive $935.

All four groups thanked Jacinta, John and the team at Z Stratford for their support saying it was invaluable to their work in the community throughout the year.