At Taranaki Safe Families Trust, we've been busy throughout 2019 promoting family violence prevention and spreading awareness.

Now we are into the final quarter of the year it's time to remind everyone of one of our flagship events, the White Ribbon Campaign.

November is White Ribbon month and we'll be reminding you just what White Ribbon is all about and what events the community can be involved in.

The White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) is a global movement of men and boys working to end male violence against women and girls.


White Ribbon Day is November 25, symbolised by the white ribbon people wear to show their support.

It's been great that in a few short years the White Ribbon has become such a universally recognised symbol of the campaign against family violence.

It certainly struck a chord with people who understand the need to help put an end to the problem which affects so many of us.

We readily acknowledge that family violence, whether physical, sexual or psychological, is perpetrated by all groups in society - not just men. However, the sobering truth is that men are overwhelmingly the main perpetrators of family violence.

In this country annually, 14 women on average are killed by their partners or ex-partners. One in three women will experience some sort of sexual and physical violence in their lifetime.

More than 3500 convictions are recorded against men each year for assaults on women, yet only an estimated 20 per cent of abuse cases are reported.

It's no longer enough to be content with not being a perpetrator of family violence. We need to stand up, speak out and act appropriately to change the culture for all. We need to break the silence around family violence. Change our way of thinking from "It's none of my business what goes on in my neighbour's house" to "I care about the safety of everyone in my community".

Whether you are a husband, father, son, brother, uncle, granddad or friend, we all have women in our lives we love and don't want subjected to violence.


WRC aims to change men's attitudes and behaviour, predominantly through men talking to men. Men are role models for our children. We need to nurture a culture that encourages respect and rejects violence. Keep an eye out for White Ribbons in your area and be part of the solution.

Your community needs you.