Stratford district mayor Neil Volzke has been returned to the top seat in what could be termed a landslide victory.

Provisional results show Volzke to have received 67 per cent of votes, with challenger Graham Kelly in second place with 21.8 per cent of votes. Rawinia Henderson came in third with just under ten per cent of votes. A further 1.34 per cent of votes were informal or blank.

Volzke says he is pleased with the result, in which he has received 1854 provisional results, with final results expected by Wednesday.

"Naturally I am relieved, and am also very grateful to the community for their continued support. I am excited at the many great things we as a Council, and the community, have to look forward to in the next three years."


Currently, neither Rawinia nor Graham have a seat at the Council table at all this coming term, with provisional results showing both as having been unsuccessful.

Graham, who had stood in the rural ward for re-election as a councillor as well as running for mayor, has received 328 votes at this stage. Successful candidates in the rural ward at this stage are Grant Boyde (702 votes), Amanda Harris (698), Rick Coplestone (626) and Vaughan Jones (406).

In the urban ward, Rawinia has missed out on one of the six seats, receiving 559 votes at this stage. Successful candidates in the urban ward are Jono Erwood with 1264 votes, Gloria Webby with 1137 votes, Alan Jamieson (1084), John Sandford (1009) Peter Dalziel (919) and Min McKay with 723. Final results are expected in the next 24 hours.