A popular takeaway shop in Stratford has been left cleaning up a mess after a motorcyclist crashed into the shop window on Tuesday.

KY Fast Food on Broadway was open for the lunch crowd when the incident happened. Shop manager Chris Feng says none of the staff were near the window at the time.

"I heard a big loud bang, and came out to see what had happened. I saw the window was smashed. People told me a motorbike had hit a car, then the powerbox outside and then our window."

Despite the broken window, the takeaway shop remained open for business.
Despite the broken window, the takeaway shop remained open for business.

A police spokesperson says police were called to an incident at 11.50am on Tuesday, where a 45-year-old man crashed into a car and the shop window. They said the rider had also hit the power box on the side of the road.


A witness to the incident says she was in a business close by when she saw a motorbike "peeling up the footpath" before she heard the crash.

The police spokesperson says the rider was on the road prior to the crash and no charges have been laid at this stage.

A St John spokesperson says two units responded to the incident, and an ambulance transported a patient with moderate injuries to Taranaki Base Hospital.

At KY, customers were still being served while local tradies repaired the smashed window on Tuesday afternoon.

Chris says he understands the rider did not have insurance.

"So we will have to pay to have the glass replaced. We are lucky we could get someone reliable in so quickly to do it."

Police removed the bike from the scene.