A group of high school students have been busy building a bridge at the skate park.

You won't see a bridge however, but you will see a bike stand and bench seat.

The students were taking part in the Blue Light Build a Bridge Project, which aimed at helping young people gain new skills while working alongside qualified tradespeople.

The project also helps break down the negative barriers between some young people and the police, says Saskia Mill, the Central Taranaki Bluelight coordinator.

A close-up of some of the detail on the bench.
A close-up of some of the detail on the bench.

The bike stand project was possible thanks to the willingness of Quintin Oakes of Quintin Oakes Builders to work with the young people from Stratford High School on the project, says Saskia.

"He gave many hours to the work, and gave them plenty of great support and advice throughout. We really appreciate the support from him and his team."

Last week, the bike rack / bench seat was formally unveiled by the students, in front of a group of invited people including Stratford High School principal Philip Keenan and Stratford mayor Neil Volzke. Quintin Oakes was also present, and told those present the project had appealed to him straight away.

"It seemed like a good idea and I was pleased to be able to get involved. You kids really impressed me with how hard you worked and the work you put in. It shows when you put effort in to something, you get rewards."

Neil said projects like this one were a perfect example of the community working together.

"I really like seeing groups help other people n the community, which is what this group has done here. Everyone who uses this park will benefit from the hard work you have put in to this project and you are to be commended for it."