International Day of the Older Person is being celebrated in South Taranaki with glitter, glue, and a variety of tools this year.

South Taranaki District Council community development advisor Ella Burrows says older members of the community are being asked to share their talents and skills with the community.

With plans underway for a community light event featuring floating lanterns, senior and middle-aged citizens are being asked to come along to a day of making things for the event.

"There is a variety of things the people can do. We are looking for people able to manage a drill, use power tools and be able to sew. We are inviting older people to share their skills," says Ella.


She says in the three years she has been at council, this is the first time an event like this has been organised for International Day of Older Persons.

"This is an opportunity for people to celebrate, hang out and make things. Old clothes or over shirts are recommended as people may be working with paint, glitter, glue and timber."

The items made will be used in the community light event in November.

"We are wanting to make things that are bright and able to have lights wrapped around them."

The community light event will have performances, food trucks, lights and the launch of 1000 lanterns. The lanterns will be available from LibraryPlus buildings in the South Taranaki District.

"These are being distributed so they can be decorated beforehand. At the event they will have tea lights inside and will be launched onto a lake."

Ella says the help from the older community will go a long way to making the event successful.

"It is going to be a big event and we will need lots of hands at the wheel to make it happen."


■ The celebration for International Day of Older Persons is being held at the Normanby Recreation Hall on October 1. 9.30am-12pm. RSVP by September 27 to