A love of geography could take one Hāwera High School student to Istanbul.

Hāwera High School student Sam Landers loves geography, and is hoping his passion for the subject will help him earn a place in an international competition.

The Year 12 student is under consideration for the New Zealand Geography Olympiad team.

An essay written by him has led to him being shortlisted for the team.


"I wrote an essay on environmental issues that can have a significant impact on the natural and cultural environment, in relation to New Zealand and Turkey and am now one of nine students who will be going to the final selection process in Wellington in October."

In Wellington, Sam will have one day to showcase his geography skills and knowledge to the selection panel.

Four students from the group will then be chosen to represent New Zealand at the International Geography Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey, next year in August.

Over 40 countries will be participating in the event.

Sam's geography teacher Diana Reid told him about the competition last year and he has been preparing for it ever since. He says credit must go to her for giving him the passion for the subject.

"I've had Mrs Reid as a teacher for four years. A lot of thanks have to go to her. She has nurtured my passion for geography."

Diana says she is proud of Sam's efforts and achievements.

"He is a straight excellence student who works hard and has a passion for geography."


Sam says he has always been interested in geography.

"I like learning about the different cultures. The world around me has always interested me."