The Coastal Adult Riding Club held their last day of the dressage series on September 8.

This year, there was a mixture of older and more experienced horses and younger newcomers.

The judges for the day were Helen Thomson from Tariki and Nicola Turnbull from New Plymouth.

NZ Riding Club test 1B: First: Nikki Spedding 69.5 per cent (Rata Mill Mac), Second: Kay Bloomfield 67 per cent (Tigger), Third: Kath Lambourn 65 per cent (Millenium Lady), Fourth: Shannon Coull 59.5 per cent (Moonstruck).
NZPCA test BG4: First: Sherleena Budd 73.3 per cent (D J), Second: Kay Bloomfield 65.8 per cent (Tigger), Third: Shannon Coull 65.8 per cent (Miss Mozzie), Fourth: Nikki Spedding 65 per cent (Rata Mill Mac).
NZPCA test J 10: First: Sherleena Budd 71 per cent (D J), Second: Shannon Coull 65 per cent (Miss Mozzie), Third: Sonya Williams 62 per cent (Boy Racer).
NZ Riding Club test 2B: First: Catherine Robb 70.8 per cent (After Six), Second: Leigh Duffy 66.9 per cent (Maverick), Third: Emily Perrin 66.2 per cent (Ruby), Fourth: Christine Taylor 61.5 per cent (Sam).
NZ Riding Club test 2C: First: Leigh Duffy 65.4 per cent (Maverick), Second: Emily Perrin 65 per cent (Ruby), Third: Lydia Williams 60.04 per cent (Tad Cruzee).
NZ Riding Club test 3 A: First: Melanie Smith 69.2 per cent (Arum Park Coco), Second: Catherine Robb 65 per cent (Doc Hudson).
NZ Riding Club test 4B: First: Melanie Smith 64 per cent (Arum Park Coco).
Coastal Club Dressage Series trophies:
Introductory: Kay Bloomfield (Tigger)
Training: Sherleena Budd (D J)
Preliminary: Emily Perrin (Ruby)
Novice: Melanie Smith (Arum Park Coco)