When Eltham Primary School pupils had to decide who to give their weekly Community Award to recently, it wasn't hard to choose.

"The children were all really excited to receive their Subway morning tea from Subway Stratford and the Central Taranaki Safe Community Trust."

Principal Kathryn Pick says the pupils really enjoyed the visit and food they had at school recently, as part of the Central Taranaki Safe Community Trust (CTSCT) programme.

"All of the pupils enjoyed their morning tea, and one young girl event wanted to save half of it to share with the rest of her family that evening."


The lunch, provided by Subway Stratford, helps Senior Constable Jono Erwood, and the CTSCT team deliver important messages to children.

"Our recent visits have been focused on dog and water safety," Jono says.

Khodie Woodhead (8), says she enjoyed learning about how to approach dogs safely when the team visited.

"The lunch was nice too. It's kind of them to give it to us."

Krystal Lum (11) says she now knows what to do if she sees a dog on the street and wants to stroke it.

"You ask the owner first, and then show the dog your hand."

Hannah Shepherd and Di Gleeson of the CTSCT were both at Subway with Jono to receive the award along with Jackie Wood, owner operator of Subway Stratford.

Jackie says it was a nice surprise to be visited by Khodie and Krystal and presented with the award.


"I am happy to provide the food for their visits. You can't really put a price on it, it all helps keep our kids safe. I am really pleased to be part of the programme in this way and to be helping kids in the community."