Brent Street Studios is Australasia's premier workshop location for young up-and-coming performers.

That's why students at Michelle Glover Academy of Dance are fundraising for their January 2021 trip to the studios.

They're holding a quiz night on September 14, a performance rehearsal evening on September 28 and a gigantic garage sale on October 12

The 17 students aim to raise $37,000 to pay for the week- long workshop and their instructor, Michelle Glover, is impressed with the effort her students are making.


"These performers are dedicated.As well as school work, they've added extra dance lessons, play rehearsals and some have added vocal training to their weekly work load," she says. "On top of that, they're regularly fundraising to help get them to Sydney."

Michelle says students are taking the lead with fundraising efforts.

"We got together as a group and immediately agreed that it was important for the kids to take responsibility for preparing for this trip. It's for them, not the parents, so it's really up to the students to do the work to get there," she says.

"They're a diverse group of girls and boys aged seven to 17 so working together to fundraise is also helping them to bond."

Lucy Fearnley, 10, is one of the 17 students heading to Australia.

"I'm really excited to go to Sydney and do dances I've never done before, like tap dancing, while I make memories with my friends and Michelle," Lucy says.

Lucy loves the strong movement associated with jazz but also enjoys extending her flexibility and the precision of ballet. All of the students will soon begin tap workshops as Michelle aims to extend their knowledge in preparation for the trip.

Eight year-old Ethan Finer loves dance, particularly jazz, karate and performing. He's one of three boys going on the Sydney trip and one of four boys at the Michelle Glover studio.


He began dancing at four and participated in his first solo competition at five.

"Boys can do dancing. You don't have to be a girl and for me it's fun. I just really like doing it. I love being on stage not because I'm competing- it's really about having fun and showing people what I can do."

Ethan's looking forward to every part of the diverse Brent Street workshop, especially hearing from performers already working in the industry.

"I can't wait."

The quiz night will be held at the Hāwera Club on Saturday September 14, costs $60 for teams of four to six players. Tables are still available. Contact Petra Finer 027 467 0962.

The rehearsal evening is at the Hāwera Memorial Theatre, Albion Street, on Saturday September 28, at 6pm. It's free to watch but a koha/donation is appreciated to go towards funding.

The garage sale is at the Michelle Glover Academy of Dance, High Street, Hāwera, Saturday October 12 from 8am.