Twenty eight swimmers from the Stratford CMK Flyers squad represented Stratford at the Bay of Plenty championships in August.

The squad brought home 30 medals and many personal best times.

The squad competed against 31 other squads and 466 athletes in total.

Isabella Stewart made the Taranaki Division two team to race in Dunedin next year.


Nina Goble swam the 100m freestyle under the 1.02 minute mark to earn the Flyers Trophy for females at this level.

Luca Zabel went under the minute in butterfly for the first time to earn the trophy for being under this standard in a stroke outside of freestyle.

Luca Zabel 15-16 years: Bronze 200m freestyle, silver100m butterfly.
Eva McGeoch 11-12 years: Gold in the 100m medley, 200m breaststroke, 200m medley, 100m backstroke , 400m medley, 400m freestyle and 200m backstroke. Silver, 200m freestyle, bronze 100m freestyle.
Dylan Kowalewski 11-12 years: Gold in the 100m medley, 200m medley, 100m freestyle, 200m backstroke and 400m medley. Silver 200m freestyle.
Nina Goble 13-14 years: Bronze in the 50m backstroke, 200m backstroke and 100m freestyle.
Lexi Kowalewski 10 and under: Silver 50m freestyle, bronze 100m backstroke and 100m freestyle.
Libby Keenan 10 and under: Gold 50m backstroke, bronze 50m freestyle and 100m butterfly.
Anahera Martin 11-12 years: Silver 200m butterfly.
Alina Zabel 13-14 years: Silver 200m breaststroke.
Alex McGeoch 13-14 years: Third 200m breaststroke.
Daniel Read 11-12 years: Third 100m butterfly.

Top 10 Finals: Jayda Hancock, Jack Keller, Millah Keller, Madi Mattock, Abbey Sextus, Heidi Sextus, Arnika Watson, Isabella Wightman and Ethan Ogle.

Personal Best times: Samara Agent, Camryn Austin, Madeline Hobo, Bella
Keenan, Anina Loveridge, Xanthe Maketoni, Bailee Robertson, Izzy Stewart and Richie Hughson-How.