A Stratford girl used her 11th birthday to show love for the Muslim community this year.

Tatjana Hanne turned 11 on March 20, just a few days after the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Wanting to help, Tatjana decided to have a party for her birthday, inviting everyone in her class, but asking for no presents.

"Instead, I asked all my friends to consider gifting a small donation instead of a card or a present, which I could give to the Muslim community to use in some way."


When Tatjana added up the amount she had raised, she and her brothers, Thiemo (7) and Achim (14), added some of their own pocket money to get the total to $400.

On Sunday, Tatjana attended the Crescent Moon, The Asian Face of Islam in NZ exhibition at the Percy Thomson gallery in Stratford to hand over the money to Maha Al-Fayyad, a representative of the Taranaki Muslim community.

Maha says the gesture was "very touching" and thanked Tatjana on behalf of her fellow Muslims.

"It really is quite incredible, to have someone so young do this for us."