Deputy mayor Alan Jamieson says dogs should be able to enjoy Stratford's walkways without being on a lead, and wants members of the public to have their say on the matter.

At last week's Council meeting, the draft Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2019 was under discussion, when councillors adopted and released it for public consultation.

Alan said he wasn't happy with the draft bylaw in some parts, and didn't see the need for the requirement for dogs to be on a lead when on walkways.

"I don't understand why this is being put in the bylaw. I have heard of no dog attacks happening on the walkways and I am disappointed the bylaw is going out as it is."


The deputy mayor said he hoped people would be aware of the contents of the bylaw and be encouraged to make submissions on it.

"When it comes to talking about dogs being on leads. I don't think the public will be aware of this change."

Speaking after the meeting, Alan said he wants people to read the bylaw and consider making a submission on it.

"People can submit either way of course, and I would encourage people to make a submission. Under the bylaw rules, you won't be able to let your dog have a run along a walkway. It will have to be on a lead."

A dog owner himself, Alan said he felt Stratford wasn't really a dog-friendly town.

"Our bylaws are already restrictive on dog owners. You can't sit in Prospero Place with your dog while you have a coffee, you can't walk it along Broadway. We don't have a dog exercise park. I think dog owners would like to be able to let their dogs walk without a lead on the walkways."

The draft bylaw is available online on the Stratford District Council website.

The bylaw is now out for public consultation. Submissions can be made in writing:
Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2019 Submissions, Stratford District Council, PO Box 320, Stratford 4352 or emailed to:


Submissions close at 4.30 pm on Friday, September 20

Disclaimer: Editor Ilona Hanne is married to the CEO of Stratford District Council, Sven Hanne.