Mike Davey has announced he is standing for a seat on the Taranaki Health Board this year.

He says while he has no experience with the health board, he has plenty of experience in governance.

Mike is also seeking a fifth term as a Taranaki Regional Councillor for the North Taranaki Constituency.

"Really, my only knowledge of hospitals generally is that I don't wish to end up in one."


Mike says he has been encouraged to stand by friends and family.

"Over the years, they've heard me moan, or comment on things I think aren't great in the health system enough, they've turned around and suggested I stand for the health board."

Of particular concern for Mike is delays in elective surgery.

"I think especially when it comes to the older generation, when they get a date for their surgery they do prepare for it, they get ready, then if on the day itself they are told it has been delayed, that causes stress for them, and actually, having to wait another three or six months isn't good enough if you are in your 80s."

Mike says the reduction in services in smaller towns is also an issue.

"Another concern for me is the lack of maternity services and other essential health services in our towns. Stratford is the closest town for people who live in Whangamomona for example, so they already have a long way to go to get medical care, let alone having to go further to New Plymouth."

Mike says he realises some of the issues facing the health board aren't easily fixed.

"A lot of it is to do with funding, which is set by Wellington at a national government level, but there is still a lot which can be done here to get better outcomes for people living in the community."


With strong governance experience combined with what he terms a "fresh set of eyes," Mike says he is confident he can represent the community well on the health board.

"Unlike regional council, the health board representatives are elected at large, so I would not just be representing Inglewood, but people in Stratford, Eltham, Hawera, all across the region."

People of all ages should have a strong health system working for the community, he says.

"Mums, dads, grandparents and our children, we all deserve a good health care system. My focus will be on making sure everyone has a positive experience with the health care in our region."