There are 10 seats available at the Stratford Council table, and so far, that's exactly the number of candidates standing.

Meanwhile, the mayoral seat at the head of the table only has one person officially trying to claim it.

With nominations for the October elections closing in less than a week, more nominations are needed to give voters a choice.

As of 3pm on Tuesday (August 12), only one person has officially put their nomination in for mayor.


Incumbent Mayor Neil Volzke put his nomination in last week, but he can still expect a challenge.

Rawinia Henderson, who announced she would stand earlier this year, has confirmed her nomination is coming in soon, along with a nomination for the Urban Ward and for the Taranaki District Health Board.

"My nomination forms will be in no later than Wednesday this week. I am also standing for Council in the urban ward, the same as last time."

In 2016, Rawinia stood for council in the urban ward, missing out by just over 200 votes, with Peter Dalziel taking the last urban spot then with 910 votes to her 701.

Peter has yet to put his nomination form in, but says it will be in by Wednesday.

"It isn't a case of indecisiveness, but rather just getting everything ready and signed off."

So far, the Urban Ward has six nominations in for the six vacancies. Nominations have been returned by incumbent councillors Jono Erwood, Alan Jamieson, John Sandford and Gloria Webby. They are joined by newcomers John Gray and Laurie Gooch.

The Rural Ward has four nominations for the four seats available in total.


Incumbent councillors Grant Boyde and Rick Coplestone have put their nominations in as have newcomers Amanda Harris and Stephen Dravitzki.

One potential candidate for the Urban Ward, Christopher James, says he will hand his nomination in later this week. He says getting together the required $200 deposit can be a hurdle for some.

"Getting together $200 has been difficult as a 22-year-old with bills to pay and no full time job. For many it's a hurdle to get over, and for some I assume it's probably a complete brick wall to running. This makes it much more difficult to get a diverse group of people to run. $200 is nothing to those incumbents, it's everything to someone counting their dollars."

Council chief executive Sven Hanne says he encourages people to get their nomination forms in soon.

"Those wanting to stand for Council must have their completed nomination accepted by
electoral officers before noon on 16 August 2019. However, we encourage candidates to get their paperwork in early as this gives our electoral officers time to ensure they have included everything necessary on their application to be in the running. We aren't able to provide an extension."

To be eligible to stand you need to be a New Zealand citizen, over 18 and
on the electoral roll. Anyone wishing to stand as an elected member must be nominated
by two people enrolled in the district or ward you intend to stand, and pay a deposit of

Elections are also being held for Taranaki Regional Council and the Taranaki District Health Board. There is one seat available for the Stratford ward of the TRC, while the Health Board is elected at large.

Nomination forms are available on Council's website or from Council's Service Centre on Miranda Street. Nominations close at noon on Friday, August 16