After working at the Hinton family-owned business Field Torque Taranaki for 12 years, Simon Joyce is moving to the Waikato.

Simon started as an apprentice at Field Torque Taranaki in 2007, a year after the business opened in 2006.

"I know the Hinton Family. I was friends with David and Katherine's daughter Paula at High School.

"David and Katherine offered me a bit of work experience which turned into an apprenticeship. The Hinton family, especially David and Katherine were big influences for me."


Simon says he and his partner are now moving out of the region.

"My partner and I were looking for suitable jobs for both of us in the same location. We both got offers in Waikato."

He is starting at Waikato Tractors in September. He says he is excited to find his way around a new area and meeting new customers.

"I am also looking forward to gaining experience with the large scale machinery of brands I am already passionate about."

Simon spent 10 years as a on-road technician and two years ago he was made the service manager.

"It was a goal of mine to become service manager."

He says he enjoys the variety of work in the job.

"You don't get the variety of work just based in a workshop role. I really love the type of work, the people and the environment."


Simon has enjoyed working with the workshop team and getting to know the customers.

"The people I have worked with are great and I've also enjoyed getting to know the customers. Through the role you develop relationships with the customers."

He says he is leaving the role in good hands, with Nic Burroughs becoming the new service manager.

"I wish all the best for Nic Burroughs coming into the role. I'm thankful to the Hinton Family for the opportunity to work at Field Torque and I look forward to seeing and hearing exciting things from the new premises and workshop."