The Coastal Adult Riding Club held its first day of the winter dressage series at the TSB Indoor Arena in Hāwera on Sunday August 4.

Due to the stormy weather, the numbers were not as high as anticipated. However, as the Riding Club is a good place to start, several riders had their young horses out for the experience of doing their first test in competition.

Judges were Belinda Wakeling from Eltham and Stephanie Clement from Egmont Village.

P.C.Test B 2: First: Kay Bloomfield, Eltham (Tigger), second: Shah Bothwell, Stratford (Midnight Airtime) third: Kath Lambourn, Hāwera Millenium Lady)
P.C.Test J7: First: Shah Bothwell, (Midnight Airtime), second: Krissi Kain, Hawera (Latte)
P.C.Test J10: First: Sherleena Budd, Te Roti (D.J.), second: Kath Lambourn,(Millenium Lady
R.Club Test 2A: First: Elspeth Nicholl, Stratford (Spyke) second: Emily Perrin (Ruby), third: Lydia Williams (Tad Cruzee)
R.Club Test 2B: First: Elspeth Nicholl, (Spyke) second: Emily Perrin (Ruby)2, third: Catherine
Robb (After Six), fourth:Lydia Williams (Tad Cruzee)
R.Club Test 3A: First: Catherine Robb (Doc Hudson)