There are 10 seats available at the Stratford Council table, but so far only three people have formally shown an interest in sitting at it.

With nominations for the October elections closing in less than two weeks, only three people have formally put their names forward for the candidacy.

All three are current councillors. They are deputy mayor Alan Jamieson, and rural councillors Grant Boyde and Rick Coplestone.

While other candidates have spoken publicly saying they plan to stand, no-one else has put their nomination as of closeof business August 5.


Stratford District Council Chief Executive Sven Hanne is urging those interested in standing to get their nomination in.

In a media release, he says "we have just passed the halfway mark for the nomination period and have only received three nominations. With a Council of 10 elected members we want to see more than this number of people put their name forward so our residents have a choice of candidates when the time to vote comes."

People who are passionate about the district are encouraged to stand, he says.

"We are searching for leaders to shape our district, and encouraging people from all
walks of life to consider running. If you're passionate about the Stratford district, have
great ideas and want to make a difference, then put your hand up."

Nominations close in under two weeks, so time is running out, says Sven.

"Those wanting to stand for Council must have their completed nomination accepted by
electoral officers before 12noon on 16 August 2019. However, we encourage candidates to get their paperwork in early as this gives our electoral officers time to ensure they have included everything necessary on their application to be in the running. We aren't able to provide an extension."

To be eligible to stand you need to be a New Zealand citizen, over 18 years of age and
on the electoral roll. Anyone wishing to stand as an elected member must be nominated
by two people enrolled in the district or ward you intend to stand, and pay a deposit of
Nomination forms are available on Council's website or from Council's Service Centre on Miranda Street. Nominations close at noon on Friday, August 16.