Jason Chainey is an Australian living in the United States, but he says Stratford is still home to some of his fondest memories in life.

While Jason was born and has grown up in Australia, he has strong family ties to Stratford as a member of the Chainey family.

His father Jim is the younger brother to the late Brian Chainey, a well known Stratford man, and Jason says he has many happy memories of his time visiting family in Stratford.

"Some of the happiest days of my life were spent on Uncle Brian and Aunt Dulcie's farm in Stratford as well as the Cleland family farm."


Jason was back in Stratford last week for a brief visit, visiting Dulcie in her Stratford home with his parents Betty and Jim.

"I always notice the fresh air in Stratford when I get here, it is quite different to anywhere else I go."

Jason, his wife Suzy and their two children are currently based in Pullman, in Washington, US, where Jason has a two-year position as Washington State Women's Basketball assistant coach.

"It's been a great opportunity for us as a family, and with kids, the great thing is, if they are happy, you can be happy. They have settled in well and are loving experiencing life in America. Suzy has joined a local softball team, and the place we live, Pullman, it has to be the friendliest place. Everyone is really nice there."

Jason was in New Zealand in April this year as well, but that trip was more about work than visiting family.

"I was here for a Basketball New Zealand camp for female basketballers. Myself and other coaches from the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) were scouting for New Zealand talent to qualify for scholarships in the US."

Jason says visits to his family in Stratford are something he always tries to make time for.

"It will always be somewhere I want to spend time, just being with family and having so many memories of visits here through my life. It is great to have that connection."