"There is just so much that goes on in Toko," Pam Macdonald said at the Toko and Districts Lions Club changeover.

Former president Pam says the members along with the partners and wives can be proud to have an outstanding service to the club.

Pam says the club has been involved with a number of projects over the past 12 months.

These include financially supporting young people in their endeavours, supporting the Rescue Helicopter Trust via the final Chateau to Plateau motorbike ride, providing a microphone for a cochlear implant recipient, setting up the William Pike Challenge alongside Just 4 Kids for the Toko School, a C-pen for the Huiakama School, grocery vouchers and donations for hockey equipment.


The Community Health Day run with the Stratford Lions was an example of successful physical activity designed to contribute to the wellbeing of the community.

Incoming president of the club, Jo Corlett, says the area is linked between families and business connections and the Toko and District Lions Club plays a big part in maintaining and supporting those links.

The new board includes Jo Corlett, Colin Lees, Colin Caskey, Barry Whittington, Andrew Smith, Nicky Macdonald Wells, John Weir, Mark Masters and Basil Dodunski (absent from the photo) and Pam Macdonald as past president.