Diann Jeffares says her Catholic faith guides her in her daily life.

One of this year's Stratford District Council Citizens Awards recipients, Diann has given many years of service to the town she has always lived in.

From teaching dance to generations of students, to working as a teacher aide at St Joseph's Stratford, Diann says she has always enjoyed helping in the community.

"I joined Rotaract in the 1970s and enjoyed it, and from there it went on."


DIann says her Catholic faith has always guided her in life.

"I was asked to be a Eucharistic minister over 30 years ago, and have taken the Eucharist to congregation members who have been unable to come to church. Sometimes, in going to someone's home when they are unwell, you see other ways to help too."

Diann spent nine years as Stratford's mayoress, a time she remembers with fondness.

"It was lovely, being part of the community in that way. Helping at events and meeting so many interesting people through the years."

Stratford mayor Neil Volzke says Diann is always seen at the annual Anzac Day wreath making sessions, and Diann says she always enjoys going.

"I am lucky enough to have some of our grandchildren living in Stratford as well, so now they can come with me as well. It is very special really."

A member of the Stratford Women's Club, Diann says another passion of hers is singing.

"I got involved with the Stratford Singers through the Stratfords of the World group and love being part of that."


Teaching dance was a passion she inherited from her mother, she says, and every year her students put on a concert, with funds being put back into various community and individual causes.

"It's important to support our community and the people who live in it. It's a lovely place Stratford, we are really blessed here."