From being secretary on a school committee to sitting on the national executive committee of the RSA, John More has given plenty of time to organisations through the years.

One of this year's Stratford District Council Citizens Awards recipients, More says he has "no regrets" when he looks back on a life of service to various groups and organisations.

"I've been lucky to have a wife and family that has allowed me to these things. It's been a pleasure."

Mayor Neil Volzke says More has given thousands of hours to his community through the years.


"It's an impressive list of groups and committees you have been part of."

Serving as a secretary on the Croydon School Committee was one of the earlier roles he held, followed by time as chairman of the Pembroke School committee, as well as the neighbouring hall committee.

"It seems when your children leave school, you have to walk across the road to become a member of the Pembroke Hall committee."

More is also a Justice of the Peace (JP) and is one of the few trained judicial JPs in New Zealand.

His involvement with the RSA over the years has led to him giving his time at both a local level - serving as chairman for some time - to sitting on the national executive committee.

More is also a member of the Taranaki Patriotic Trust.

"It is an organisation set up for the assistance of returned servicemen and women, and their families. I was elected on there in 1998 and have been involved ever since."

He is also a member of the Stratford Hinemoa Masonic Lodge and has been district master for the North Island.


More is also a member of the Scottish Society, which he is now also patron of. An unusual claim to fame would be that he can recite the Ode of the Haggis off by heart.