Artworks of birds and nature will be on show at the Fenton Street Art Collective this month.

Janet Marshall, originally based in Stratford, will be showcasing her painting at the Art Collective.

Janet has provided artwork for stamps and bird guides.

Jo Stallard, one of the owners at Fenton Street Art Collective, says she personally knows Janet.


"My partner Stu and I used to help her tend to her gardens out at Te Popo."

Jo says she also knows Janet through Ross Whitlock, who will be showing his artwork at the Fenton Street Arts Collective in September. Both Janet and Ross used to be Stratford based but now live in Nelson.

"It is a nice connection."

Jo says Janet has always been a fabulous illustrator of birds, flora and fauna.

"Her ability to paint birds is amazing."

Jo says she is excited for the Fenton Streets Art Collective to showcase Janet's work.

"I think the people in Stratford will be interested. People know and remember her. She'll be quite good."

■ Janet's work will be exhibited at the Fenton Street Art Collective from July 26 for six weeks. Prints and cards of her work will be available.