Last month Brian and Pamela welcomed Kellie Harrison to the team at Brian Darth Funeral Services.

Kellie has moved to Stratford from New Plymouth, and was a qualified beauty therapist by trade originally. Kellie also previously owned the beauty salon Lash Amore.

She says she always had the plan to become a funeral director and embalmer and now her goal is being realised.

Kellie has two children, Jadea-Lee (11) and Kayden (9) and now lives in Stratford. She made the move in May this year and says while she is finding it colder down here, she loves the community spirit in Stratford.


Pamela says since Kellie started her new role in June, she has seamlessly fitted into it and her position with the team.

With Kellie's arrival it now means that Brian and Pamela can share the workload which can get very busy at times, says Pamela.

Kellie says she is committed to her role and providing the best possible service she can to the families that come to them. She is enthusiastic to be learning from a team with so much experience, with Brian having 19 years and Pamela 10 in the business. Pamela says that having Kellie on board offers a new dynamic to the team which is very refreshing.

"All our families can expect the same high level of care and professionalism that we have always provided. I know the community of Stratford will make Kellie feel welcome," says Pamela.

"Brian Darth Funeral Services is the only funeral director team to live locally in Stratford and we are delighted Kellie has chosen to live and work in our town."