While most runners only dream of running on an international track, a former member of the Eltham Athletic club has made this reality.

Cody Wilson competed in the 2019 Oceania Athletics Championships held in Queensland, Australia last month.

Cody says that his mum signed him up for the Eltham Athletic Club when he was a year old.

"I have been competing as long as I could walk. I'm still in love with the sport to this day."


The Oceania Championship is Cody's first time he's left the country for his sport.

"I've travelled all over New Zealand from Dunedin to Whang─ürei for my running. I still consider Taumata Park my home track."

Cody came third in the 200m and 100m in the Championships.

"Every race just seems like another race. There are times where it's cool that I'll be walking around the track and I'll just casually walk past Valerie Adams or Eliza McCartney. But in my mind I'm still just a kid from Eltham who loves to run."

Cody has received many national titles for running.

"I've won the national under 20 200m title two years in a row. I also won the senior men's 100m and 200m titles for Wellington."

Cody trains in August to build endurance and strength to be at his best for Nationals held in March.

"This year I've had to extend my training an extra two months and it has not been easy. I'm just lucky I have an amazing coach and training squad who have kept training with me, even though they should be resting."


Cody's advice to those wanting to compete nationally and internationally is to keep competing regardless of winning or losing.

"Always be respectful to the other athletes and officials. And always keep your confidence up. Because just because you aren't doing well now doesn't mean you never will. I didn't even win a race until I was 15.

"And if you're one of the athletes who are winning, don't think just because you're at the top that you don't have to try. Because there's always a bigger fish. Always a bigger pond to explore."

Cody's favourite memories from the Eltham Athletic club include helping to measure the shot put and discuss and helping the under sevens warm up for their events.

"I can still remember the boys I ran against. I still remember the Olex fun run, the ribbon days and the Norok Cup."