Eltham Smallbore rifle shooters took part in the Wanganui open shoot competition on Saturday and came home with great results.

New shooter to the Eltham smallbore rifle club, Alex Sadovnikova won the D-grade with a score of 294.15. Her nearest rival shot 282.09. As well as winning the title, Alex shot her personal best score of 100.5.

Bob Bramley from the Eltham smallbore rifle club won the B-grade with a total of 297.17. This included a score of 100.6.

Bob and Alex and club member Clare Bramley all made the final eight for the competition, so Eltham had half of their shooters in the final shoot.


Clare came fifth in the A-grade. In the final shoot, Clare shot 195.08, Alex shot 189.05 and Bob scored 188.04.