While most cricket fans are following the ICC Cricket World Cup in the UK, one Stratford cricketer is focusing on a different cricket tournament over there.

Reece Trumper (17) has been selected for the Taranaki Wanderers cricket team, which is playing in a tournament in the UK.

The team will be playing 14 matches over the next few weeks, and Reece says he will enjoy every moment of the experience.

"It is quite humbling to be able to go to England and play cricket. The experience will be good."


This is Reece's first time overseas and he is looking forward to exploring a new country. He's looking forward to see the home of cricket, Lord's Cricket Grounds.

"I have never been to, or played on, such prestigious cricket grounds before so it is really exciting."

Taranaki Wanderers will be based in Uxbridge at Brunel University.

Reece's mother, Maree Trumper, says both she and dad Hayden are proud of Reece.

Reece is the only person from Central Taranaki to be picked for the Taranaki Wanderers. The biggest challenge, he says, will be the different climate and playing on unknown grounds.

"I will enjoy being able to sightsee."

Reece has been playing cricket for six years. It has been his goal to be selected for the Taranaki Wanderers ever since his brother Nathan was selected two years ago and went to the UK.