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What can I do with the ashes?

There are a few things that you can do with a loved one's ashes.

The first option is to inter them at a cemetery.


There are costs, for example, purchasing the plot and the interment fee (digging of the plot). Contact the funeral director you used as they will have all the paperwork for the council and can also help with the process.

You can scatter the ashes.

The positive(s) are you can scatter the ashes just about anywhere that has significance to you and your loved one. The not so positive(s) is there is nowhere to visit and sit with them and chat.

However, if this was your preferred option, Kopuatama Cemetery has erected a Wall of Remembrance, and while you cannot place ashes in the wall you are able to place a plaque and have a place to go when you wanted.

The cost for the wall is $150 for the place on the wall and approximately $400 for the plaque.

You can inter your loved one in the Garden of Remembrance at the Taranaki Crematorium.

Unfortunately, you cannot place any marking features (flowers, plaques or crosses) in the garden. The New Plymouth District Council does not keep a record of where each person is interred. There is a cost of $469 to the council.

You could then place a plaque on the Wall of Remembrance at Kopuatama Cemetery.


A further option is to purchase a permanite rock and place your loved one's ashes in the rock. You could place the rock in the garden at home, or you may choose to place it somewhere in the home or around the section.

The benefit is that it is transportable, allowing you to move your loved one's ashes from spot to spot.

The approximate cost is $600 upwards, inclusive of a small plaque if you would like to include a picture and their name.

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