Stepping into Marilyn's wardrobe in Eltham is a little like stepping into Narnia.

Only rather than a snowy landscape with glistening icicles, the shop is packed full of glittering jewellery, dazzling ball gowns, and plenty of designer, vintage, and new clothing.

Owner Sharon Stewart says her store is focused on all things beautiful, with the most important item of beauty being her customers.

The store's name conjures up images of Marilyn Monroe, something Sharon says is deliberate.


"I think Marilyn was such an amazing woman. She was so beautiful and in tune with her sexuality, she is an inspiration to all women."

Sharon says she wants all her customers to find a little bit of Marilyn's confidence and glamour in themselves.

"Everyone should feel beautiful and glamorous inside. I love giving people the opportunity to find special clothes, bags or accessories to make them feel movie-star glamorous."

Before opening her store in Eltham, Sharon had a shop in Australia, and shipped many of her stock to New Zealand for the Eltham shop.

Sharon sources all the items in her store herself. Some are vintage, some new, some are pre-loved, some are designer, some not, but all are quality products, she says.

"Some of the handbags here have a Hermes label, for example. I can't be 100 per cent sure it is authentic, so I have priced it accordingly. It is either a very good copy or it is an actual Hermes. Either way, the buyer will get a bargain, because it is certainly leather, in beautiful condition and is a fantastic looking bag, and maybe it is authentic, in which case they have saved thousands of dollars on the normal price."

On moving to Taranaki, Eltham was the obvious choice for her shop, she says.

"Eltham has it's own unique vintage feel to the town, and the people here are very friendly. It is a nice place to have a business and I think my shop fits in well in the town."