More than 2400 Taranaki students from 12 schools will be taking on this year's 40 Hour Famine challenge.

The challenge starts on Friday June 7 and ends on Sunday June 9. Over 90,000 New Zealand students are expected to be participating.

Money raised will help provide essentials for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda from the moment they cross the border, including nutritious food, clean water, foster care, household items, peace clubs for young people and more.

Stratford High School teacher Ros James has been involved with the 40 hour Famine for four years. Ros says 50 students have joined up to participate in the Famine so far. The aim is to raise $2000.


"It is very important for people in New Zealand, and students especially, to join in the 40 Hour Famine. We are very fortunate and blessed in New Zealand. The children in the refugee camps in Uganda are not so lucky. Some have lost family, parents, siblings, friends."

Ros says the refugees have seen things no one should see.

"We cannot change what has happened but we can make it easier for them. Let's show the world our love."

Stratford High School is running a 20-hour Survivor Sleepover.

"Students stay over at school for 20 hours and gain a bit of understanding about what living in a refugee camp might be like. We will make huts out of cardboard and tarps. We cook some African-style food and play games and watch movies."

Student from Stratford High School Ashleigh Stanners has participated in the 40 Hour Famine in Year 10 and again this year. In year 10, she gave up her phone.

"For the first couple hours it was hard but it was easier after the five-hour mark."

This year, Ashleigh will be attending the Survivor's Sleepover.


"There are so many people less fortunate then us. We don't know what it is like here in New Zealand. By participating in the 40 Hour Famine, we get a small understanding of what they go through by putting ourselves through something. It's a good cause, there are a lot of people our age who are struggling."

Angelina Cullen, another year 13 student, is giving up food in this year's 40 Hour Famine.

"I gave up food in Year 10 for 20 hours. This year, I am hoping to give food up for the full 40 hours. We don't know what it is like until we go without."

Ashleigh and Angelina are asking for donations.

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