A petition to make the pedestrian crossing in Eltham by the Four Square shop safer started last week.

Maree Liddington has organised the petition, saying she hoped to get lots of signatures before the Strategic Planning session for the Eltham Town Centre plan which took place on Tuesday, May 14.

Maree started the petition because of the many posts she saw on social media about it.

"I have seen so many concerns about safety on the Eltham Grapevine Facebook page. We don't want to wait until someone is harmed before change has happened."


Maree says she has noticed it's hard to see someone on the crossing.

"We need to make the oncoming traffic aware that this is a high pedestrian area."

Jennifer Speedie says there have been many times where she's had to wait some time for someone to stop.

"I moved here from Rotorua three years ago and all pedestrian crossings on main thoroughfare roads have lights. It's a much safer alternative, especially for kids. It makes them stop and think about what they're doing."

Jennifer says it's hard to see oncoming traffic if cars are parked on the side of the road.

"I have to slowly edge out onto the crossing to see, or wait until someone stops on the other side of the road first. However, even then, I've had cars not stop and almost swipe my legs as I check."

Jennifer says being in a wheelchair means she is at the height of an eight year old.

"I'm an adult and while I think ahead like any other adult, children don't. I sit at the height of an 8-year-old child and I can't see if it's safe to cross. It terrifies me to think about the risk children take every time they use it. Pedestrian crossings are meant to make crossing the road safer.

"My vote is it either gets moved south towards TSB bank, where both ends are more visible or lights are put in. Lights at the current location would probably work, as it would be visible to drivers in the distance."

Jennifer says both children and drivers can be unpredictable.

"It's a recipe for disaster. How a serious accident hasn't already taken place is just pure luck and fast feet or wheels."