The only 100 score last Monday night at the Eltham Smallbore Rifle Club went to Garry Rowlands with his 100.7.

He also scored a 98.4/95.2 on a double. Two almost 100s were scored by Clare Bramley. Bob Bramley and Alan Drake fought for the B-grade top spot. In a night where 94 seemed to be the favourite score three shooters all scored variations on it.

Clare Bramley: 99.4/99.5.
Don Litchfield: 94.3, 94.2
Murray Chinery: 94.2, 96.5
Craig McGill: 94.2, 94.2, 96.3/92.3
Alan Drake: 97.2, 98.5/95.3
Bob Bramley: 97.4/98.5
Alex Sadovnikova: 95.2/96.4, 95.2
Henry Armond: 91.0, 95.4
Matt Vaughan: 79.1, 80.0

New faces came to the club on Friday 26 April. Bailey Feek shot two very good group cards – a 97 and a 100.


Shooting 100s are written in red ink, and Bailey had the only red ink used in the book. Alan Drake came close to red ink, shooting 97.3/98.5, 99.4/96.5.

Garry Rowlands 98.5, 98.6/99.6
Brian Hicks 97.2, 94.2
Paul Longstaff 96.2/95.2
Henry Armond 92.4, 92.2/92.4
Stephen Hicks 84.1, 95.2
Murray Chinery 87.0, 93.2.
Alex Sadovnikova: 94.4, 94.1/91.2, 91.2
Craig McGill: 93.1, 95.1, 94.3/91.2
Bjorn Fowler 93.1/95.2, 92.3, 94.2/94.2
Matt Vaughan 72.0/83.1, 60.0/71.0

There's going to be quite the battle in D-grade this season with many of the new shooters improving week by week.

The results for the national outdoor postal competition have been posted. Several indoor members also shoot during the outdoor season. Congratulations to Garry Rowlands third B-grade, Paul Tidswell, second Veterans, Clare Bramley first C-grade and also to Bob Bramley, Paul Longstaff and Alex Sadovnikova.