A song about preventing suicide has been preformed by Laconic Zephyr at a pre- launch last month for the release of the song.

The song is called Don't Walk Away.

The Taranaki RATS and Laconic Zephyr worked collaboratively on the project formed with Synergy of Sound "Soul Circle".

Joss Bines from the band says the song was gifted to them by their producers, Mphatic to help Taranaki RATS fundraise and promote their cause. And it's been successful.


"Don't Walk Away is number one in the hip hop chart in New Zealand on iTunes and Google Play. It's fifth on overall category on iTunes and on Google Play its number three. It's reached the hearts of many people."

Before the song's release, there was a memorial bike ride for Tama Eminukutepua, a staunch advocate for suicide prevention and national chairman of Aotearoa RATS before he died in 2018.

The ride started at Fern Lodge to Oakura to Urenui and back to Fern Lodge before the song was celebrated.

"Everyone who came to the event heard the song," says Joss.

All the money raised is going to Taranaki RATS, a continuation of the support the band has given the group over the past couple of years.

"Laconic Zephyr has supported Taranaki RATS for the last two years with what they do, and the fundraisers."

Over 60 musicians were involved with making the song, says Joss.

"There were 30 people in the studio. They came into the studio in groups of threes and fours. Both children and adults were involved in the vocals. It was wonderful."

"The whole chorus of the song is about bringing people together. We're not in their shoes, people are still struggling and fighting. It's lovely to be apart of a collaborative song. It is very humbling and awesome.

"Taranaki RATS are trying to prevent suicide and that's what the whole song is about."

A dance contest is being held by the group as well. Joss says anyone is welcome to enter, by sending a video of themselves dancing to the song to the Taranaki RATS Don't Walk Away Single page.

"We are truly grateful to everyone who has participated in the project," Joss says.

A website was launched on Friday for Taranaki RATS at www.taranakirats.nz