Anzac Day is a day to look back on family history and remember those who fought in World War I.

This prompted a reader, Peter Hancock to talk to the Stratford Press about his family history and how it ties in with Anzac Day.

Peter Hancock comes from a long line of Hancocks. His great grandfather, Peter Hancock, moved to Stratford with his wife Emma in 1880 from Congleton, England, with one child, Enoch Hancock.

While in Stratford they had 13 more children. One was Syd Hancock who died fighting in World War I in 1917. Peter says his family will never forget how Syd supported New Zealand.


"I know quite a few family members. I'm catching up with even more of them every day. We have an interesting family."

Peter is related to another Peter Hancock. They have visited the graves of their great grandfather and grandmother to remember Syd and how he fought for the country.

"Peter and I visited their graves to remember Syd. What I found most interesting was I found the form Syd wrote to apply for the army."