The team at Stratford's Marire Rest Home were delighted to be surprised with a delivery of hot, fresh hot cross buns on Tuesday morning.

The team had received two nominations in last week's Hot Cross Bun delivery competition, in which readers were asked to nominate any group or individual to receive a hot cross bun morning tea shout courtesy of Stratford New World.

One nomination highlighted the friendly nature of the staff at Marire, while the other commented on the level of care given to residents.

This is now the final chance to win a hot cross bun shout for someone, so make sure you enter.


■ This week we are asking you to nominate the neighbour you want to win a dozen buns. It can be anyone on your street or over your fence who you think deserves recognition for being a great neighbour.

To enter, email with your name, the name of the person you are nominating, their address and phone number, and tell us why they are a great neighbour in 100 words or fewer. Nominations need to be received by Sunday, April 29 at noon, and we will deliver the buns on Monday morning.