A cricket match, decade photos and a time capsule being placed at the school are some of the events happening at Hāwera High School's Centennial at Labour Weekend in October.

Peter Mihaljevich, a committee member and publicity and promotions organiser for the event, says the Centennial is to celebrate 100 years of schooling on the same site.

"Hāwera High School is looking forward to proudly celebrating 100 years of co-educational secondary education in Hawera. We welcome past and present students, staff and supporters of the school to register for this celebration."

Peter says he is working on a committee of 20 people who are all engaged to produce a memorial three days for the event.


"This is an opportunity for the district and former teachers & pupils to refresh friendships. Many people from all over the world are registering." Peter says.

Peter himself has ties to Hāwera High School as he is a former student of the school.

"I went to Hāwera High school in the early 1980s and a memory was being a school prefect in 6th and 7th form."

Peter says the event will have a significant economic impact on the district as1500 people will be spending three or more days in the district.

"The event will assist in fostering pride in the school for present day pupils who are contributing."

Those present at the Centennial will be able to write a message for future generations as there will be a large time capsule being stored in the school grounds, Peter says.

■ The event will be taking place during Labour Weekend from 25-27 October 2019. If you want to attend, register at hhscentennial.eventbrite.co.nz