After five years of service to the Stratford District Council, director of environmental services Liam Dagg is moving on.

He has taken up a new role at South Taranaki District Council with the same responsibilities at a broader level.

"The sustainability unit is a new addition to the environmental services department I'll be managing in South Taranaki, so helping to get that established and functioning was a key attraction to taking the role, as well as the coastal aspect."

This is new ground for Liam, as while he has worked in local government since 2005, he has never worked for a council with a coastline.


"I'm looking forward to the challenges that will present."

He is also looking forward to contributing to the council's initiatives.

"The council is putting a major focus on new pathway and cycleway connections, place-making and new employment generating opportunities. I've had a lot to do with the South Taranaki team during my time at Stratford. I have a lot of respect for them and am looking forward to that closer involvement."

Stratford District Council CEO Sven Hanne says Liam will be missed.

"Liam has been good to work with over the years. We wish him all the best and look forward to working with him as a neighbour in the future."

At Stratford, Liam managed a staff of eight and contractors for after-hours responses.

"The department is responsible for consents under the Building Act and Resource Management Act, animal control, sale and supply of alcohol, Food Act compliance, Health Act administration, and bylaw administration including parking control."

"I've had many colourful and highly entertaining conversations."


Liam says he is proud to have contributed to a variety of projects.

"The Prospero Place upgrade that's ongoing, the regional economic development strategy Tapuae Roa, collaborating on local alcohol and gambling policies, and moving the environmental services team into the digital age with online processing of building consents and dog registrations which, fingers crossed, is just around the corner."

Working in Stratford has been both a pleasure and a priviledge, he says.

"Stratford is a small council doing some big jobs for its community. It's a small workforce that busts its gut to give 110 per cent every day. It's been a privilege to work there for the last five years."