The success of Taranaki Diocesan students was celebrated last month at the school's annual academic assembly.

Principal Fiona Green says this year's assembly was preceded by a service in the school's chapel of St Mary to mark the Christchurch terror attack.

"The service was initiated and conducted by the students themselves."

Speaking at the assembly, Fiona told those present it was important to be lifelong learners.


"Those of you who cross the stage today have shown our school community that you can think deeply, write about abstract concepts, process information, look at problems from a variety of perspectives and solve challenges to complex problems."

Fiona talked about how the Christchurch Mosque tragedy had taken place on the same day students around the country were making their voices heard on the subject of climate change.

"My challenge to you is why do you want to save our planet when the people on it cannot coexist in harmony and tolerance. If you take a stand on climate change surely you must take a stand to change our emotional climate."

Fiona says she and her colleagues at Taranaki Diocesan were pleased to see a culture of success and learning at the school.

"The school is delighted that so many of our girls strive for personal excellence in a wide range of subjects that open a broad pathways beyond school. Our senior girls are wonderful role models to our junior students providing inspiration and demonstrating an attitude of grit and dedication."

Level 1 Overall Endorsements:
Excellence: Kaylen Hojdelewicz, Emily Armitstead
Merit: Diana Greensill, Payton Agent, Jewel Kimi, Emma Hughes, Aimee Kells, Rebekah Davis, Hannah Bisley

Level 2 Overall Endorsements:
Excellence: Rhiannon Higgs, Monique Radford, Alexandra Paish, Isabel Lee
Merit: Tylah Hill, Francesca Padrutt, Maia-Laine Rupapera-Maeke, Claudia Taylor

Level 3 Overall Endorsements:
Excellence: Gabriella Burns
Merit: Gracie Thomas, Jacinta Fitzgerald, Nicolette Bailey


Level 1 Subject endorsements:
Diana Greensill – Merit: English, History, Physical Education, Visual Art
Kaylen Hojdelewicz – Excellence: English, History. Merit: Science, Media Studies, German L2
Payton Agent – Merit: History, Physical Education
Emily Armitstead – Excellence: Physical Education. Merit: History, Mathematics & Statistics, Science
Jewel Kimi – Merit: History, Japanese
Emma Hughes – Merit: Science, Visual Art
Emma Hinton – Merit: Physical Education
Aimee Kells – Merit: Science
Rebekah Davis – Merit: Physical Education

Level 2 Subject Endorsements:
Rhiannon Higgs – Excellence: Visual Art, English, Photography
Monique Radford – Excellence: Biology, Chemistry. Merit: English, Physics
Alexandra Paish – Excellence: Business, Photography. Merit: Chemistry, English
Isabel Lee – Excellence: Business, Mathematics & Statistics. Merit: English, Physics, Fabric Technology
Francesca Padrutt – Merit: English, Photography
Maia-Laine Rupapera-Maeke – Excellence: History. Merit: Business
Claudia Taylor – Excellence: Physical Education
Stella Taylor – Excellence: Photography

Level 3 Subject Endorsements:
Gabriella Burns – Excellence: Music. Merit: Biology, Chemistry, English
Gracie Thomas – Excellence: Biology, Japanese
Jacinta Fitzgerald – Merit: English, Physical Education
Nicolette Bailey – Merit: Business
Enya Perry – Merit: Business
Lily Boyle – Merit: Physical Education
Nikita Katene – Merit: Physical Education
Lilyrose Richardson – Merit: Photography