A group of Stratford locals gathered at the War Memorial Hall last Monday to discuss the future of Taranaki.

A community workshop was held to discuss the Taranaki 2050 road map, Venture Taranaki's blueprint to move from a high emission to a low emission economy.

Natalie Wiseman, general manager of transitional economy for Venture Taranaki, says there have been more than 20 workshops around the region with over 500 people attending them.

"We are looking at what has come out of the previous workshops and giving the participants the chance to have their say in working and exploration groups on 12 topics."


Sustainable Taranaki has partnered with Venture Taranaki for the workshops. Boyd Benton from Sustainable Taranaki says there are no right or wrong answers.

"This is not a debate, there are no right or wrong answers. This is about gathering ideas."

Participants joined in discussions and wrote ideas on cards to be posted online.

Boyd asked participants to consider what they enjoy and value about the environment and their region.

"2050 is a long way out," Boyd says. "The rate of change is getting faster and faster."

The event was facilitated by Glen Bennett.

"If someone has a different idea to yours, be curious." He told the workshop.

The draft road map, a drawing and report, will be launched at the Just Transitions event in New Plymouth next month.