Station Officer Trevor Dent has been honoured with a gold star for his 25 years of service as a member of the Toko Fire Brigade.

Trevor has put out many fires and attended accidents. However he also teachers the younger generation messages about fire safety. He visits Eastern Taranaki Schools and other schools in Taranaki in Little Flick.

Flick is a little Morris Minor truck reborn as a small fire engine.

Trevor decided to turn the 1962 Morris 1000 into a miniature fire truck as a reward for the kids for learning about fire safety and to help get the fire safety messages across.


"It is satisfying teaching kids fire safety. If we can save a life it has all been worthwhile. I have had a passion for teaching kids fire safety for a long time. "

Trevor says he is humbled to receive the star for his service.

"I have had a passion for 25 years. That rolls along quickly when having fun. However not all of it is fun."

The award was presented to Trevor by Pat Fitzell on behalf of the United Fire Brigade Association.

Ian Shearer, Senior Station Officer at Toko Fire Brigade says the gold star is for Trevor and his family.

"The gold star is for Trevor but also to his wife Colleen and their family for being involved with the Fire Brigade over the years."

Ian says this is the seventh Gold Star in the Toko Fire Brigade.

"Not bad for a small brigade."

The Presentation was MCd by Morris West, in his persona of Mrs Brown from Mrs Brown's Boys.

Trevor says he is thankful to his fellow firefighters for putting the night together. Trevor and his family consider it a privilege to live in Eastern Taranaki.

"And to serve the community by being in the fire brigade as well is over and above. It is the icing on the cake."

Trevor thanked all of his fellow firefighters both in Toko and Stratford.