I am a donor on my driver's license, what does that mean if my family want to have viewings etc?

Becoming a donor isn't a decision to be made lightly as there are many things to think about. One thing to consider is your family and how they may feel about this.

In short, yes you can still have viewings and even go home in most instances if you and your family wish. Organ donation involves a surgical operation carried out by highly skilled surgical teams. The incision(s) is carefully sutured and covered with a dressing, just the same as for any other surgical operation. After an eye donation, the eyelids are closed over and plastic shields maintain the shape of the eyelids.

Your family will always be asked if they are aware of your wishes to donate. If the family is aware of the wishes of their loved one, this can sometimes make the decision a little easier. Designated health professionals can access the Land Transport New Zealand donor information for the family if donation is being considered and the family did or does not know the wishes of their family member.


Funeral arrangements are not affected by donation. Once the organ donation has taken place, your loved one can be released into the care of your preferred funeral director and all funeral arrangements take place as per usual.

If you are still unsure about whether becoming a donor is right for you, there is more information on www.donor.co.nz

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