Local man Murray Fawcett is starting a cancer support group in Stratford.

Murray, who is in remission after battling cancer twice himself, says he has attended groups in New Plymouth so knows how helpful they can be.

"They are excellent people in New Plymouth. Some of their support people will come to the meeting I will be holding."

Murray says that he is starting up the support group so there is something in Stratford for locals and those in the surrounding areas.


"This is a stepping stone for people so they have somewhere to go. When someone is first diagnosed, they are shell shocked and need someone to talk to. Some people don't know who to turn to.

"Cancer affects everyone. There needs to be a support for the person but also their family."

Having a group in Stratford will make a difference he says.

"When diagnosed, people want someone they know to talk to. By having the group in Stratford, they have a better chance of knowing the person.

"If nothing else progresses from the meeting, the very least is a message that our door is always open for those who want support. It is only a phone call away."

■ The meeting will be held at Skinner Road Hall, at the Showgrounds on Monday, April 8 at 7.30pm. Contact Murray on 06 765 6259 for more information.