Would a Stratford street by any other name sound as sweet?

The decision is in. Stratford's new street names will be Midsummer Avenue, Bianca Crescent, Othello Place and Macbeth Place.

Stratford District Councillors today decided on the names of the four new streets being created in the new subdivision.

In the agenda of Tuesday's Stratford District Council meeting, councillors were given a range of options for the street names, taken from suggestions received during the Name Thy Street competition which ran in November last year.


The competition asked people to give name suggestions with a Shakespearean affiliation for the new subdivision streets. Nominators had to live, work or attend school in the Stratford district to be able to enter, and were asked to give reasons for the name they suggested.

Since 1878, streets in the district have been named after the works of the Elizabethan playwright, with 66 roads in the district named accordingly.

Councillors had to decide on the four names to be used, as well as if they were to be streets, crescents, avenues or other designations.

The report gave Macbeth, Midsummer, Bianca and Benvolio as the favourite options from the competition, with a further four names suggested as alternatives for one or more of the first four.

The alternatives were Othello, Ophelia, Shylock and Viola.

Councillors could also choose to select any other names not contained in the suggestions in the report.

A Stratford Press poll on this page drew hundreds of votes, with the favourite at time of writing Midsummer with 26 per cent of the vote, followed by Othello (19 per cent), Macbeth (18 per cent) and Ophelia (11 per cent).

‚óŹ Disclosure: Ilona Hanne is married to Sven Hanne, the CEO of Stratford District Council