The Mount Egmont four wheel driving (4WD) club will be hosting the sixth and final round of the New Zealand 4x4 National Trial Series.

The club will be hosting the event in conjunction with McFall Fuels.

Rachel Buckthought, secretary of the Mount Egmont 4WD club, will be competing in the event with her father, Wayne Buckthought.

Rachel says from a secretary's point of view, the preparation that goes into the event is important to ensure that it all runs smoothly and everyone from competitors to spectators enjoy the day.


"It is very satisfying at the end of the day to see everyone has enjoyed themselves and wants to come back year after year. That is why we put 110 per cent effort into the preparation of the event."

The national 4X4 trials is based upon the ability of competitors to drive their vehicles over difficult terrain, Rachel says.

"The difficult terrain includes hill climbs, water courses, mud bogs, along banks and speed sections."

The course the drivers will be driving on is made up of a minimum of 30 short obstacles. Blue pegs mark the start and end points of the obstacle and the boundaries of the obstacles are indicated by yellow pegs on the left and red pegs on the right.

Each event has an overall winner for the day and winners by class. The points go to make up the national points for the different zones and overall placings at the end of the season.

The season runs from April to October.

During the course, the driver and co-driver attempt to navigate their vehicle through the hazard as far as they can.

"The vehicles must not flatten or straddle pegs, or run over boundary pegs if they are on a graded hazard. The start pegs are 100 points, the hub centre of the leading wheel must pass the graded pegs to get points, or it goes back to the one prior.

"Getting through the end blue pegs give a zero score. To achieve the best placing on the day it is the team with the lowest score."

Rachel says she loves competing and it is exhilarating.

"I personally love competing because there aren't many sports where you would get to compete with your Dad, let alone it being a father and daughter pair. It's exhilarating and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Wayne says that no two hazards are the same.

"The sport definitely has its ups and downs. No two hazards are the same and every course is designed to challenge driver and navigator to get the best outcome on that hazard."

Rachel says the Egmont 4WD club is proud to have McFall Fuel jump on board and be the naming rights sponsor for the event.

The points for the season are standing at:
Scott Biggs - first (Counties)
Jared Biggs - second (Counties)
Neville Mather - third (Waikato)
Greg McDell - fourth (Waikato)
Rowan Huckstep - fifth (Mt Egmont)

The members of the Mount Egmont 4WD club who are competing are:
Wayne and Rachel Buckthought - #536D
Rowan Huckstep and Hendrik Hofstee - #553d
Trevor and Troy Swan - #344D
Steve and Cohin Thomason - #62C
Graeme Goble and Ted Hardman - #477K

■ The show is on Saturday, April 13 at 100 Hu Rd, Eltham. There is a drivers' briefing at 8am with the event kicking off at 8.30am and it will run through until 4pm.
Admission prices are cash only:
Family ( two adults and up to three children) $20
Adults $10
Children aged 5-15 $5
Any unaccompanied children will be charged as an adult.
There are no dogs or alcohol permitted.