Phineas Taylor Barnum would himself, I suspect, be as enthralled by the latest production Weber Bros Circus as I was last Thursday night.

Okay, so there were no bearded ladies or elephants on stage, but there were plenty of reasons to sit on the edge of our seats throughout the show.

From the high flying trapeze acts that had us gasping as they moved, seemingly without fear, through the air high above our heads to the comical clown who had us crying with laughter with his silly antics, the very best of circus was on show.

These acts alone would have been enough to have us all leaving feeling we had seen a great performance, but the Weber Bros Adrenline show had only just begun!


Over the next couple of hours we gasped, held our breath, closed our eyes in fear and even, at times, shrieked out loud in shock as motocross riders seemingly risked life and limb (as did the incredibly brave female performer who entered "the globe of death" with them).

The first act ended with a bang, literally, as a human canon ball shot out over our heads making at least one member of our group scream out loud in shock. As the lights came on and the popcorn sellers came out, half the audience seemed frozen to their seats in amazement!

Over the years, my three children have seen many a circus act, they've seen them in Vegas, they've been to Cirque du Soleil shows and they have regularly watched circuses as they roll into town. Yet they had never seen anything like this before.

By the time the second act started, all three children had agreed this was the best show ever, and they certainly weren't disappointed in the second half.

Every performer and every individual act was perfection. The lights, the music, the costuming and the talent were all fantastic, and made for a great night out for all the family.

The Weber Bros Circus Adrenaline Tour is the very best of circus and worth grabbing tickets for before they leave town.

If you take your children to one show this year then make it this one. You, and they, won't be disappointed.

‚óŹ Weber Bros Big Top, 38 Henwood Rd, New Plymouth. Showing now until Sunday, March 17. Tickets available from the Big Top or by calling 027 2 247287