Members of the Rock N Roll club dance the night away every Tuesday at the St Andrew's Church Hall.

Tyler Smith, who has been dancing for five years, says her love of dance comes from her grandparents.

"My grandad's been dancing for 22 years. I'm following him."

Tyler says she likes the Rock N Roll club as it is like a family.


"You have got to have a passion to be able to dance Rock N Roll. You can't do it if your heart isn't in the right place."

For the last two years, Tyler has competed in the New Plymouth Rock N Roll club invitation category and won both competitions she entered as well as winning best dressed.

"I like dancing rock n roll because it is my passion and I want to get somewhere doing it."

Tyler says that dancing rock n roll is a great way to meet new people.

"If you like dancing it's a way to get out and meet new people and learn dances you can use in heaps of places."

 The fee for the Rock N Roll club is $2 per night for a Senior (18 years and over). For a Junior ( 18 years and under) it is $1 per night.
 For non-members, it is $4 per night for a senior and $2 per night for a junior.