Hundreds of people showed up for the 24th Inglewood Rotary Club Charity Car Show on Sunday morning.

There were 276 vehicles in the event, including hot rods, motor bikes, muscle cars, classic cars, army and fire trucks. There was also a fire demonstration which showed the dangers of leaving a pot on the stove unattended.

Chris Trundle, from Trundle Automotives, entered his ute in the show. Chris received the ute as stock standard about six months ago and has modified it at his business, Trundles Automotives.

"We added the suspension lift, bull bars, the exhaust and a snorkel deck to the truck. We manufactured all the parts ourselves. Everything that was done to the truck was done locally in Taranaki," Chris says.


He took the truck off roading over the Christmas period. His daughters Sophie (5) and Summer (4) say they enjoy off roading.

"I like riding in the big truck," Summer says.

"Going off roading in the truck is fun," Sophie says.

Chris says that he views the ute as a dream car.

"For most guys into four wheel driving this is their dream car. It's a cool, big, noisy and V8,"

Gloria O'Dowd, president of the Inglewood Rotary Club, says the event had a great turn out, and while they're still counting the money, they have reached over $3500 raised.

"All the funds raised are going to the Inglewood volunteer fire service and other local community projects," Gloria says.

Gloria thanked major sponsors CSR, Autolink, BNT and Marshalls Batteries which put in over $1000 worth raffle prizes and giveaways for the day.

"I'm thankful for all involved that came to support. Keep your eye out for information regarding next years show on the Inglewood Rotary Facebook page," Gloria says.